About me

My „real“ name is Sandra, but my nickname Sari has been established in the toller scene, so there is hardly anyone calling me by another name. I was born in 1976 and have two children, born in 2007 and 2011. We live with our dogs and our hens in Wohltorf, a little village in the East of Hamburg.

Looking back

Animals of all kind have been a part of my life since early childhood, which has always been enriching. My main focus has always been on dogs and horses. I have been very active in riding and horse shows for more than 20 years. By now, I only very seldom go riding – my complete free time left besides my children and my work is reserved for the dogs.

My fascination for tollers already began in 1999, when the magazine „Partner Hund“ published a portrait of this breed. At that time, tollers have still been very rare in Germany – there were only a view breeders. My crossbreed dog at that time, „Fridolin“, bore a stunning resemblance with a toller. As I then had not the possibility of having a second dog – I was studying management and started into working life – I had a lot of time to gather information about tollers and their requirements. This is why I came into contact – at least theoretically – with dummy work, which immediately fascinated me and led to my wish to start working with my first toller.

From 2002 to 2007, I have completed a training course as an alternative animal health practitioner and classical veterinary homeopath. For family reasons I am no longer active in my own practice, nevertheless our own animals and our litters of course profit from my knowledge in this area. My education in alternative health methods also led to my interest in appropriate dog nutrition and its advantages for animal health. This is why I have been a convinced „barfer“ for more than 10 years now and also recommend this nutrition to our puppy buyers.

Ayita und Rumer

2007 finally, our first toller bitch Ayita moved in. She stems from the A-litter of the kennel „Dewberry's Dual“ and her breeder, Sinaida Sens, has become a dear friend since then who always helps me with words and deeds. Ayita's arrival infected me with the „toller virus“ for good, and her education quickly became one of my major hobbies. The common dummy work and tests are real fun, bringing along a lot of new friendships to like-minded people I would never like to miss. Through our dummy work, I took part in a hunting course in 2010/2011 and again entered a new world with new knowledge and new abilities.

Two litters have meanwhile been born in our kennel in 2010 and 2012. We kept one bitch of our B-litter, Rumer, and I am looking forward to her development as anxiously and confidently as I did to Ayita's. I am very proud that I have been able to build up my kennel with Ayita as foundation bitch. For me, she represents an ideal toller as regards her looks and her character and I am happy her offspring has developed very well and healthily. My future hopes for „Red Raisins“ now lie on Ayita's daughter Rumer – if she continues being such a healthy, well-tempered and highly motivated toller, I plan our C-litter for 2015 with her.

Litter Planning

We are planning our D-Litter by spring 2019!