Our B-Litter

On 9 June 2012, our second litter saw the light of day. Ayita gave birth to real „lumps“ as each of the three girls and two boys had a birth weight between 435 and 505 grams! The babies could not have had a better start – they are very strong and vigorous. We are now curious about the further development of our „Braisins“!

Objibwa's Towar CIK
Hedera's for Alliance („Gomez“)
Dewberry's Dual Ayita Paychi
Dewberry's Dual Ayita Paychi

Details B-Litter

Father Hedera's for Alliance („Gomez“) Tooltip
Mother Dt. Ch. Dewberry's Dual Ayita Paychi Tooltip
Date of Birth 09.06.2012
Gender Distribution 2 Male / 3 Female
ICQ Inbreeding coefficient 0,0% over 5 generations


Name Hips Elbows PRA CEA Tests
Red Raisins Bayard Skeet A2/A2 0/0 A clear APD/A, BHP/B
Red Raisins Bayard Rumer A2/A2 0/0 B clear JP/R, APD/A, schwed. Schweiß-Anlagenprüfung, Vereinsschweißprüfung SW I
Red Raisins Bayard Zazu B1/B1 0/0 B clear RH-Eignungstest, geprf. Rettungshund (Fläche)
Red Raisins Bayard Takaia-Blue A2/A2 0/0 B clear WT, APD/A+F, BHP/B, JP/R, BH/VT (DVG), div. WT (A)
Red Raisins Bayard for Alliance A 0/0 A clear