Our A-Litter

Our A-Litter was born on April the 28th in 2010. All of our four „Aywars“ meet our expectations so far and show a stable character. They are all fearless and open-minded to all new excitements and have settled in their new families very well. We are very proud of our first „raisin quartet“ and hope that they develop as splendidly as so far and that they grow up to be healthy tollers who are eager to work.

Objibwa's Towar CIK
Objibwa's Towar CIK
Dewberry's Dual Ayita Paychi
Dewberry's Dual Ayita Paychi

Details A-Litter

Father Austrian Junior-Ch. Objibwa's Towar CIK Tooltip
Mother Dt. Ch. Dewberry's Dual Ayita Paychi Tooltip
Date of Birth 28.04.2010
Gender Distribution 1 Male / 3 Female
ICQ Inbreeding coefficient 0,78% over 5 generations


Name Hips Elbows PRA CEA Tests
Red Raisins Akito AywarTooltip A2/B2 0/0 B clear JEP/S
Red Raisins Akemi Aywar A2/A2 0/0 A clear WT, APD/A, BHP B, div. Workingtests (A)
Red Raisins Akina Aywar B1/B1 0/0 B clear BHP B, JEP
Red Raisins Aimi Aywar B1/B1 0/0 B clear BHP B, APD/A